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Safety & Quality Assurance

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Duke Dining’s Evaluation and Training Standards (Duke EATS) is our innovative quality control program, which establishes clear standards for how our locations should operate with respect to customer service, employee training, and food safety. Duke EATS also provides a framework for how our locations are evaluated against these standards.

Duke EATS is comprised of 4 different components:

1. Independent third-party food safety and operational assessments conducted by a contract service

2. Durham County Health Department inspections

3. Duke Dining’s Mystery Diner Program

4. Duke Dining’s Training Program

Additionally, Duke Dining requires that all of its locations have HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) protocols in place. These HACCP plans guide locations on how to properly and safely receive, store, prepare, and serve food. They include procedures such as regularly checking and recording the temperature of foods and regularly cleaning food-contact surfaces.

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Duke Dining's COVID-19 Response

Now and always, the safety of Duke’s students, guests, and employees is our number-one priority. We are working directly with Duke’s COVID-19 response teams to closely monitor the situation and take proactive steps to protect the health and safety of our community.

In addition to our existing stringent health and safety protocols, we are taking extra precautions to ensure we’re doing everything we can to keep our community safe. We have implemented team training specific to COVID-19 to ensure staff members are following safety protocols both in and outside of their work environment. Inside seating is currently open but we strongly encourage you to eat outside when possible. Please follow the Updated Guidelines for Eating on Campus.  

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How we're caring for our students and the rest of the Duke community:

  • Mobile ordering is available with our Duke Dine-Out app w/ a contactless pick-up option
  • Tamper-evident packaging seals are placed on every mobile order.
  • Students still residing on campus can utilize contactless pick-up locations, which have been conveniently placed near on-campus residential buildings.
  • We’ve installed additional hand sanitizing stations and signage to encourage clean hand hygiene for all guests and staff.
  • We are providing specially-prepared care meals for students in required isolation.

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How we're taking extra precautions in our operations:

  • Ensuring that ALL employees (managers & supervisors included) answer all questions on the Employee Health Questionnaire prior to the start of their work shift as REQUIRED
  • All Duke University contractors are required to be vaccinated
  • Every Duke Dining team member undergoes a wellness screening process to check for symptoms before beginning work.
  • All Duke Dining team members are undergoing extra training sessions on preventing potential transmission of the Coronavirus.
  • All team members, Duke staff, and guests are required to wear a face mask when in a Duke Dining facility.
  • All Duke Dining team members are required to wash their hands every 20 minutes and between tasks.
  • All Duke Dining team members are required to wear gloves when preparing food or serving a guest.
  • High-Touch surfaces are required to be cleaned between every order.

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Additional steps we're taking to respond to COVID-19:

  • Established an internal task force to monitor and provide guidance in real-time
  • Conducting 3rd-party inspections focused on preventing Covid-19 transmission