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DuWell Program Offerings

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Moments of Mindfulness

Programming to relax, recharge, and re-energize
  • Wellness programs for West and East are listed on DukeGroups with dates, times, and locations
  • No fees or registration required to attend
  • Facilitated mostly by students, with a few faculty members

Programming Available by Request

Guided Meditation

  • Relax and calm the mind and body using guided meditation
  • Breathing exercises and practicing meditation
  • Stay present in the moment

Group Health Coaching

  • Discuss Duke Wellness model and elements
  • Guided meditation and meeting your future self
  • Explore wellness dimensions and rate personal strengths and challenges
  • Learn from peers and gain insights from group discussions
  • Focus on positive self-talk and developing a well-being framework
  • Breathing exercises and practicing meditation

Drum Circle

  • Musical exploration and rhythm sharing with others
  • Improves physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Grounds thoughts, reduces stress, and anxiety

Koru Mindfulness

  • Learn skills to relax, focus on the present, and practice self-compassion and gratitude
  • Free non-credit bearing course
  • Four weekly 75-minute sessions

Koru Mindfulness 2.0

  • An advanced class for students who have competed Koru Basic and are eager for more mindfulness.
  • Free non-credit bearing course
  • Four weekly 75-minute sessions

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)

  • BASICS is a casual interview process that meets the student where they are to provide them with alcohol risk reduction strategies and resources. 
  • BASICS helps students evaluate their own alcohol and/or other drug use and provides personalized feedback for self-improvement and safer choices in the future.

Social Host

  • Social Hosts are members of the Duke community who are required to be present at all on-campus events where alcohol is present.
  • Social Hosts are sober, active bystanders who assist in promoting safe, social behaviors to ensure that the event ends well for all those attending.

Overdose Prevention Education Training

  • Come learn about how Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan nasal spray, can be used to prevent opioid overdose death.
  • We will discuss Duke’s plans to mitigate the risk of current, prevalent recreational substances.
  • Review both Duke and National trends, as well as describe Duke’s approach to prevention.

Men's Engagement

  • Embrace a range of healthy emotions and values, regardless of gender.

Somatic Workshop

  • Focus on the mind-body connection
  • Discover techniques to release pent-up tension for emotional and physical well-being.

Wellness services tabling

  • Learn more about Student Wellness Center and DuWell programs and services

Request a DuWell Program

We are available to facilitate discussions and present interactive workshops on a variety of wellness topics and can adapt any workshop to meet the needs of your group.

Request a DuWell Program