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Graduate Professional Student Involvement and Leadership

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Duke prides itself in having opportunities for Graduate and Professional students to engage with their community. Duke University has hundreds of opportunities for engagement; we encourage all students to get involved during your time at Duke!

Whether in the classroom, in the lab, or in the community, Duke's vibrant culture would not be the same without our graduate and professional students. Each year we are delighted to engage with graduate and professional students during annual events for the entire community. Long-standing traditions include Grad-Prof Camp out to kick-off the fall basketball season and spring invites Grad-Prof Appreciation Week to celebrate and unwind near the end of the academic year.

Graduate ProfessionalStudent Government (GPSG)

The Graduate and Professional Student Government of Duke University is the umbrella student government organization for Duke’s nine graduate and professional schools.Every graduate and professional student is automatically a member of the GPSG. GPSG serves as a liaison to the Duke administration and hosts a variety of social networking events open to all graduate and professional students.

Ways to get involved with GPSG:

•Join the General Assembly

•Join a committee

•Lead or join a GPSG funded student organization

•Help with Executive Board initiatives (Campout, Durham Advocacy, Campus DEI)

•Run for an elective member for the Executive Board

Student Organizations

For most Graduate and Professional students, there are two ways to join or lead a student organization at Duke.

•Student groups sponsored by your academic school. (Contact your school’s student services department or advisor to learn more)

•Student organizations affiliated with GPSGTo view active GPSG affiliated student organizations, visit DukeGroups. DukeGroups is an online platform which allows each student organization to promote their group to new and existing members.

1.Click on the ‘Groups’ tab near the top

2.Filter organizations by GPSG or Department Recognized (Graduate)We currently have over 200 GPSG affiliated student organizations for all Graduate and Professional students to join –regardless of academic program!

Partners and Families

Many Graduate and Professional students move to Durham, NC with a partner or family members. We understand that support and resources don’t end with the student but extend to the whole family. Organized Partner and Family Groups:

•Divinity Spouses organization

•Duke International Student Center(DISC) listserv

•Fuqua Partners club

•The Graduate School resources

•Nic Partners–Currently inactive, email Nancy Kelly if interested in organizing.If your school does not have an organized partner/family group, consider starting one with GPSG!

Connect across the Duke community

Looking for leadership areas across Duke University? Browse the document for opportunities open to all Graduate and Professional students.


Are you part of a Duke department and would like to have your student opportunity listed? Please email Graduate Professional Student Services ( to be included!